WATSON Wednesdays: Sebastian Gebler 

WATSON Wednesdays: Sebastian Gebler 

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The last speaker for this season is dr. Sebastian Gebler of BASF SE, Limburgerhof, Germany.


Sebastian will talk about Modelling plant protection products at catchment scale – a stakeholder’s perspective on the potential use of transit times linking hydrology and transport

Modelling environmental concentrations of plant protection products (PPP) at catchment level is of growing interest for pesticide registration and product stewardship, including higher-tier studies in risk assessment, mitigation measures, monitoring support and decision making. Sebastian will provide a stakeholder’s perspective of different exposure modeling aspects and show selected modeling projects on different spatial and temporal scales. In future, the transit time concept could significantly contribute to the understanding of findings, improve the interlink between  hydrology and transport modelling as well as provide a more holistic view of catchments systems.


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