Catchment-scale water residence time and travel times


WG3 primarily deals with catchment-scale water residence- and travel times. Its objectives are to (i) synthesize currently available isotope-aided modelling frameworks to estimate water residence time and travel time at the catchment scale, and (ii) compare these frameworks to derive consistent estimates of residence and travel times for different locations in Europe.

These aims are planned to be met by mainly (i) reviewing the literature on existing isotope-aided modelling methods for residence time and travel time computation as well as (ii) evaluating the methods themselves (in close cooperation with WG1) to assess their structural differences, and (ii) creating an open-access standardized database on catchment-scale residence and travel times in Europe.

The outputs of the WG will include:

  • Review paper(s) on different isotope-aided models to compute residence and travel times.
  • Technical and scientific-educational reports on water residence time and travel time modelling.
  • Technical and scientific-educational diagrams on model comparison.
  • An open-access database on catchment-scale water residence and travel times across Europe.
  • Workshops minutes.
  • A technical guidance documents presenting recommendations and exemplary case studies for using isotope-aided models in water resources management in European watersheds.