Webinar series

WATSON Wednesdays

A new series of seminars will begin in November. The WATSON participants will report their findings and news. Grab your sandwich and join us!



When Who Affiliation Title  
2 November 2022; 12:30 CET Jim Kirchner Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Partitioning precipitation between streamflow and evapotranspiration using end-member splitting analysis Register here
7 December 2022; 12:30 CET César Jiménez Rodríguez Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) Gardening the isotopesignatures: when fractionation plays with us Register here
11 January 2023; 12:30 CET Adrià Barbeta Margarit Universitat de Barcelona (E) Isotopic discrepancies in plant water pools and their sources Register here
1 February 2023; 12:30 CET Paolo Benettin Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) Transit time estimation in catchments: Recent developments and future directions Register here
1 March 2023; 12:30 CET Harsh Beria Department of Environmental Systems Science (ETH) (CH) Partitioning rainfall and snowmelt between trees, streams, and groundwater in the Swiss Alps Register here
5 April 2023; 12:30 CEST Angelika Kuebert University of Helsinki (FI) Assessing ecohydrological processes in grasslands and forests using in situ water stable isotope techniques Register here
3 May 2023; 12:30 CEST Teresa Gimeno Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) (E) Changes in the composition of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities and the water uptake of European beech forest across a natural precipitation gradient Register here
7 June 2023; 12:30 CEST Sebastian Gebler BASF SE, Global Exposure Modelling Team (D) Modelling plant protection products at catchment scale – a stakeholder’s perspective on the potential use of transit times linking hydrology and transport Register here

Please note that the seminars are not recorded.