Water sources used by vegetation

Introduction to water stable isotopes by Josie Geris from the event for stakeholders “Water isotope investigations: applications for water management

The WATSON WG2 Training school on ”Water sampling, extraction, and isotopic analyses techniques for plant water use investigation” was held in Jülich, Germany, from 22 to 26 May, 2023. It was a ‘hands-on’, practical workshop, where attendees learned the techniques by doing from enthusiast trainers and experts in the field (Adrià Barbeta, Matthias Beyer, Teresa Gimeno, Angelika Kübert, Natalie Orlowski, Iván Prieto, Youri Rothfuss, and Christine Stumpp)! Click here to access the Training school materials, including lectures and standardized protocols for the sampling, extraction, and analysis of water from soil and plant samples.

Toward a common methodological framework for the sampling, extraction, and isotopic analysis of water in the Critical Zone to study vegetation water use by Ceperley et al (WG2)

Introduction to process-based modeling of plant water use by Youri Rothfuss

MixSIAR – Bayesian stable isotopes mixing modelling by Iván Prieto