Spatio-temporal patterns of groundwater recharge and soil water mixing processes


In WG1 the participants discuss and exchange knowledge and know-how on spatio-temporal patterns of groundwater recharge and mixing of groundwater and soil water across different climatic and physiographic regions. We also discuss the factors affecting the mixing and storage of different water sources in different climates, soils, or land use types. Additionally, WG1 aims to identify how vegetation characteristics influence infiltration, percolation, and storage of water in the subsurface. To achieve this WG1 contributes to identifying isotope-based experimental datasets on groundwater recharge and the quantification of subsurface water mixing. Moreover, WG1 disseminates the existing state-of-the-art knowledge and knowledge gaps through two planned review papers, that focus on characterising and elucidating dominant controls on spatial and temporal patterns of groundwater recharge and water mixing based on rainfall, irrigation, soil water, and groundwater isotope data for different regions in Europe.