Grantee story: László Palcsu

Grantee story: László Palcsu

László Palcsu, based at the Isotope Climatology and Environmental Research center in Debrecen, Hungary, visited Tamara Marković at the Croatian Geological Survey.  Here what he says about his experience:

The collaborating partners focused on the transit time (apparent ages) through the saturated zone in shallow aquifer at the recharge area. The grantee spent five days in the host institution, where the focus was the evaluation of previous isotope analyses on groundwaters, and manuscript preparation dealing with a shallow alluvial aquifer affected by nitrate contamination and recharge mainly controlled by the Mura River, Croatia. The grantee and the host were working on the manuscript preparation. The main tool was the 3H/3He dating as well as noble gas recharge temperatures. During the short-term scientific mission, the researchers evaluated existing measurement results, and then implemented them in a scientific manuscript.

The short-term stay will further strengthen the ongoing collaboration between the host and the applicant in terms of joint research proposals and projects. There is a submitted proposal supervised by the host, in which the grantee is a participant. The proposal passed the first stage of the evaluation in August 2023.

You can find more information about László in his CV

László Palcsu is the recipient of a Short term scientific missions grant

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