Call for volunteers for WATSON’s WG3

Call for volunteers for WATSON’s WG3
Program. Test. Write. Collate... Enjoy!
In WATSON’s last year, we need your active support to make sure the results from WG3 are as interesting and useful as possible. We are looking for:
willing to help develop scripts in the R language for calculating transit times in hydrological systems using tritium, deuterium and oxygen-18 measurements.
interested in using these scripts to make a comparative analysis for one of the excellent isotopic datasets we have been able to gather. Students wishing to participate as part of a thesis are welcome.
to join the team developing a technical document summarizing everything one needs to know to sample, measure, and analyze isotopes for transit time estimation.
from all MC members to collate all publications presenting transit time estimates from isotopes, Europe wide, and reaching as far back in time as possible.

All these results will be published online, and a scientific article will present the comparative analysis of the different methods.

Also think of WATSON’s STSMs, which are a great opportunity to take on one of these tasks while visiting colleagues abroad.

Interested? Let us know!
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