Grantee story: Pınar Gültekin

Grantee story: Pınar Gültekin

Pınar attended the 8th International Congress of Eurasian Social Sciences held in Muğla, Türkiye the 25-28 April 2024.

Pinar gave a talk titled Evaluating new methods for sustainable water resource management under a changing climate


About this experience, Pinar says

I presented a research paper in the talk session #1 of the conference on April 27 at Hotel La Blanche Conference Room. The conference was an interdisciplinary forum attended by life scientists, engineers, economists, social scientists, and practitioners and there were many interesting presentations on remote sensing, accessibility of green areas, eco-green solutions, smart water filtration, cultural tourism, energy saving, I attended all sessions and took notes their significant results, used methodologies and conclusions. The participants presented their research results, ideas, developments and applications in their study areas. Presenters answered questions and discussed with other researchers after their presentations in the conference venue. Participants were from Türkiye, Romania, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan.

I was particularly interested in the presentations related to water, climate change and environmental issues. During my presentation, 2ithin the scope of the study, we evaluated new methods developed in relation to sustainable water resources management. In this context, bibliometric network analysis method was used by VOSviewer software. The results of the study indicate new methods that researchers and stakeholders can utilize for sustainable surface water and groundwater management, especially in agriculture and forestry activities.

In my opinion the conference organization was successful. I had an opportunity to see Muğla and its’ landmarks, big city parks and near forest areas and observe culture. After this conference, I think there is great potential to study climate adaptive water resource management with a participatory approach in Türkiye.

Pınar Gültekin is the recipient of a Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference grant.

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