Water and Forest seminars

Water and Forest seminars

WATSON Seminars at the University of Florence (and online!)


Dr. Matthias Beyer from the Institute for Geoecology, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany will give a talk on the Groundwater recharge assessment in semi-arid environments: Field and modeling studies from Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. John D. Marshall Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden will give a talk on How trees grow: converting soil water to tree biomass


Thursday 21 October, 15:00 CET, aula Magna Cascine, Florence (Italy)

if you cannot attend in person, please connect to the virtual room at

Meeting ID: 920 9809 2568; Passcode: ecohydro


Here the announcement

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Is there a recorded version of the seminar? Would definitely love to watch for the insights.

Staff WatsonCost

I am sorry, Sara, but the seminar has not been recorded.
Watson’s staff

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