Grantee story: Klara Nagode

Grantee story: Klara Nagode

My name is Klara and I am a PhD student at the department of Environmental Sciences, Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia). Even before starting my PhD studies, my wish was to spend a period of time abroad to gain international experience at a foreign research institution. However, due to coronavirus pandemic, a majority of my work was conducted online with limited opportunities to interact with others.

The WATSON STSM gave me the opportunity for an exchange visit at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Isotope Hydrology Section in Vienna, working under the supervision of Lucia Ortega. At the agency, I had the opportunity to work in an international team with experts highly experienced in the isotope hydrology field. During my internship, I not only gained knowledge in the fields of isotope hydrology, project coordination, and management but I also mad new connections and met amazing young people.

Klara Nagode is the recipient of a Short term scientific missions grant

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