Grantee story: Igor Karlović

Grantee story: Igor Karlović

Igor Karlović participated at the Land Use and Water Quality 2022 (LuWQ2022) in Maastricht, Netherlands with a poster titled “Impact of land use on groundwater quality in the Varaždin alluvial aquifer”. Co-authors are Tamara Marković, Andrew Smith, Tjaša Kanduč.

The poster session was well attended with 58 posters and around 200 visitors. The visitors were eminent scientists and younger colleagues dealing with similar issues, so it was very useful to discuss current problems and ways to solve them. It was also very useful to see which software are used in their investigations, within its possibilities and limitations. Exchange of contacts with colleagues, especially the ones from the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia and Germany will certainly help in my further scientific work.

Igor Karlović is the recipient of a Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference grant.



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